Pool repairs can seem overwhelming to those that are not experienced in the field. More often than not, pool owners delegate the more complex pool repair to qualified professionals in the industry. DFW Wholesale Pools has more than 10 years in the pool repair business. Each one of our pool service technicians are experienced in providing top notch service to all of our customers.

When it comes to pool repairs, some minor repairs can be done by the pool owner. It is suggested that the more complex tasks be left to the professionals. This way it will not cost as much, in case you have to continually repair the pool surface or part to get it back into working condition. Hiring the services of a dependable pool repair company also means it will take less time to get the task completed.

Pool repairs can be as simple as adjusting the rungs on your pool ladder or replacing one of the buoys on your flotation device. These simple pool repair tasks can be done by yourself or someone in your household. The more complex projects such as replacing cracked or broken pool tiles could be left to a pool repair service technician.

Other tasks best left for those more experienced may include installing a new pool filter, replacing the pool pump, repairing the pool heater, or even repairing the lighting system in your pool. Once the task is complete, pool owners and their families can get back to relaxing in their backyard pool without fear of injury. Of course, this does not mean to throw caution to the wind.

Pool owners in the DFW area know that they can count on DFW Wholesale Pools to get the job done properly the first time.

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